Best beer since in Sonoma County since.... yesterday

Chase and I (jonnie) have decided that this is the right time to close Steele and Hops. Although we never want it to end, we are ending on a wonderful note during our strongest time ever in terms of our offering.

This last year especially we have never been prouder of the restaurant. So many of our dreams have been realized: Starting the brewery, hiring an amazing executive chef who has brought our garden to the table, seeing the strength of our management team and seeing service standards continue to soar.
We could spend full pages talking about every person on our staff (and will over subsequent posts.) Our team has been with us through everything. Literally. And we have done our best to be like a home; something they could count on. It’s honestly the hardest part.
Even though we know Steele and Hops is in its best hour yet, there is a business side that must be met. We have never made it back to our pre-pandemic numbers. There is a timeline that’s unfortunately based on math, not passion or even effort, to how long you can keep going without the sales to support it.
It’s painful to think that the best time could be ahead. But we will look back fondly in the best times in the past. We know this place has been important to so many of you, too. We have had proposals, first dates, first live performances, celebrations of all kinds, seen regulars go from pregnant to parents. We have been an evacuation waiting zone, a soup kitchen, a dance-your-ass-off place to for a big show, and a great place to go.
Six years is kind of a long time, and kind of a blink. Thank you for making it both.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Chase and Jonnie.

Discover Our Story

We our a family-owned and operated restaurant, bar, and now brewery, has been serving the Sonoma County community since Chase and Jonnie Williamson opened the doors in July 2016. With its strong beer program, tasty fare, spacious patio, live music, and friendly atmosphere, Steele & Hops has established itself as a local favorite.

Patience is the Secret to Good Food

Our Food

Executive Chef Lucio Alamilla is the driving force behind Steele & Hops’ culinary program, which encompasses classic brewpub basics (burgers, pizza) as well as weekly specials inspired by what’s in season.

“He was a wise man who invented beer.” -Plato

Our Beer

Steele & Hops’ brewery operations are managed by Justin Green, who has been pursuing his passion for brewing for over 20 years.  Green started as a homebrewer and parlayed that interest into volunteering at Black Diamond and Drake’s, eventually landing a role as brewer at Jupiter in Berkeley, where he enjoyed the creative freedom to experiment and explore flavor profiles through small-batch production brews.  Over his four-year tenure at Jupiter, Green produced a bevy of beloved beers; his greatest hits include English strong ale Apogee, and a hazy citrus beer called The Oort Cloud.

``Wine is sunlight, held together by water.`` —Galileo


Though beer serves as Steele & Hops’ primary headline, the cocktail program is expert level.  Chase (owner) makes all of the ingredients he can, including liqueurs, shrubs, and infusions; he brandies his own cocktail cherries, produces his own limoncello, and blends his own honey sarsaparilla cream.

Work hard, stay bumble


Steele & Hops features an onsite garden that supplies the brewpub with seasonal greens, herbs, and edible flowers that inspire the kitchen and bar’s culinary and cocktail creations.  Chef Lucio Alamilla and owner Chase Williamson love to incorporate garden-grown kale, chard, lemongrass, rhubarb, mint, shiso, nasturtium, and chamomile into their dishes and drinks.

Please feel free to contact us: 707.523.2201