Corporate Lunch Catering in Santa Rosa – Steele & Hops Can Cater Your Business and More

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Catering services aren’t just for important social events or fancy dinner parties anymore. If you’re holding meetings at the office over lunch you need quality food and fast. If you’re hosting clients in the middle of the day, you want to worry about your pitch and not who’s doing the cooking. That is why you want to find a kitchen that does corporate lunch catering in Santa Rosa. Steele & Hops is a great bar for such an occasion.


Catering Your Corporate Lunch

If a project requires your staff to spend a lot of time at the office or if time for meetings is in short supply, a catered lunch provides a situation where your employees can keep their eyes on the prize or you can schedule a meeting in without anyone missing a meal. We can offer a menu selection of high quality locally-sourced meals for all your lunch needs.


Catering is all About Convenience

Take the worry out of planning the menu, sourcing the ingredients, preparing the food and delivering it to your door. Leave it to us.  We locally-source all our proteins and grains and produce our own vegetables on site. We can serve up the latest favorite as well as classic foods like chili or fish and chips. Let us focus on the meal while you focus on your staff or your clients. We’re one of the leading corporate lunch caterers in Santa Rosa because we understand the importance of high quality in our service and ingredients.


Our catering staff are among the best in Santa Rosa that can handle any setting. When you book us, we will provide a corporate lunch event with local food for your local businesses that will have your staff or clients raving about for a long time. Call us today to see what Steele & Hops can do for you!


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