Discover our Corporate Lunch Catering Service

Discover our Corporate Lunch Catering Service

Your team works hard and should be rewarded with delicious, locally-sourced meals! Our team at Steele and Hops offers the ideal corporate lunch catering service for all Santa Rosa businesses. We can take your orders and create a meal selection that will help your employees forget the daily grind and connect with one another at the table.

We’re considered the go-to lunch caterer for local businesses across Sonoma County and Santa Rosa because we understand the importance of high quality, locally-sourced meal options. We work with businesses in the area to source all ingredients, and we produce our own fresh vegetables on-site. It’s about offering real food, created by real people.


  • Our Menu

Take the time to explore our menu and you’ll discover it goes beyond your traditional sports bar service. We provide all the options you might want to feed your team, from a delicious vegetable pot pie made with locally grown vegetables, to our farm fresh brick-oven roasted chicken. We also have all the pub classics that have dominated pub menus for decades, such as fish and chips and chili.

  • Our Team

When you book our catering team for your corporate events, we’ll bring our A game. Our catering staff are among the best in the business and are uniquely qualified for the task. We go beyond service with a smile to create unique corporate events that will have your team talking and reminiscing for many years to come.

Call us today to see what we have in store for you.