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Having Lunch with Your Boss? Here are a Few Tips to Make a Positive Impression

Having Lunch with Your Boss? Here are a Few Tips to Make a Positive Impression

Having Lunch with Your Boss? Here are a Few Tips to Make a Positive Impression

Though your hard work, skills, and experience are the primary factors that determine how fast you climb the corporate ladder, there are other things too that can contribute to your success. You may not realize it, but your boss keeps an eye on every move of yours. The way you conduct yourself around people (even more so, around the boss!) can play a significant role in shaping the way your boss thinks about you. When your boss invites you for a business lunch in Santa Rosa, do not consider it as any other outing. A power lunch with your boss is an opportunity to forge a bond and impress the boss with your dining etiquettes and food choices. To help you create a long-lasting impression, we share a few tips you can follow when dining with your boss. Take a look.

1. Let the Boss Set the Conversation Tone
If the boss sticks to business topics, do the same. Avoid discussing matters related to other people in your office. Steer clear of controversial topics. If you disagree with your boss on certain issues, remember you do not have to be a yes-man. When expressing disagreement, be polite, and explain your point calmly and decorously.

2. Observe Table Manners
Avoid messy foods such as spaghetti or crab. Instead, opt for foods that are easy to eat with forks and knives. Before starting to eat, remember to place your napkin on your lap. When having lunch, avoid talking with food in your mouth. Be polite to servers. Avoid drinking. If, however, your boss insists, order something light. When dining with your boss, taking calls is a big ‘NO’. Talking over the phone while having business lunch in Santa Rosa with your boss can be misconstrued as a blatant disregard for authority. If, however, you get an urgent call, ask your boss to pardon you before picking up.

3. Thank your Boss
After the lunch, if your boss settles the bill, thank him or her verbally. Avoid bragging about the outing, but adequately convey it to the boss that the lunch was your pleasure.

It’s not every day that your boss invites you for lunch. When you get the opportunity, make the most of it. At Steele & Hops, we specialize in corporate lunch catering. Whatever the theme of your business lunch in Santa Rosa is, we are your go-to team. Our corporate menu includes a lip-smacking vegetable pot pie and farm-fresh brick oven roasted chicken. For bookings, call at 707-523-2201. We are looking forward to hearing from you and serving you when you visit us with your boss!

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