Our Santa Rosa Team Explains the Science Behind Brewing Craft Beer


The goal of the craft beer community in Santa Rosa is to continually produce quality beers that expand the flavor profile of the beer while delivering the ideal product for consumers. Our team at Steele and Hops has worked within the craft beer community in Santa Rosa for many years and in this latest post, we’ll explain a little more about the science behind craft beer.

A 1970s revolution

Starting in the 1970s, craft beer popularity rose as brewers on the west coast started adding more hops to their beers. One of the more popular newer products at the time was India Pale Ale (IPA), which was altered to achieve a new flavor profile and in recent years craft brewers across the country have been adding new wild hop strains to their beers to achieve that ideal flavor.

What are hops?

So, in order to know a little more about the different flavors of craft beer, you should know more about the hops that are added to create the new beverage. Hops are a small fruit that grows on vines and provides the bitterness that balances out the wort, which is the syrup-like liquid that provides a sugary taste to some beers. There are many different types of hops and these include Cascade, Simcoe, Zeus, Centennial, Citra, Willamette, and Mosaic. The type of hop and the region from which the hop emanates dictate the taste of the beverage.

How to find the ideal flavor

One of the reasons behind the popularity of craft beers is the growth in locally-sourced products. Each region has their own style of hops, and thus their own flavor profiles. So, you may decide to visit your local brewery to find out about their distinct brewing process and the hops they’ve added to their craft beer selections here in Santa Rosa.

Our team at Steele and Hops has our own distinct craft beer selection and we’re welcoming tours of our brewery throughout the week. To discover more, call us today.


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