Qualities of a Good Santa Rosa Sports Bar

You’ve left it until the last minute and now you’re struggling to find a good sports bar in Santa Rosa for you and your friends to enjoy the game. Don’t worry – we can help. We’ve been in the bar industry for many years and in our latest post, we’re highlighting the qualities of a good Santa Rosa sports bar.

  • Live games

One of the most important qualities that your Santa Rosa sports bar should have is the ability to show live games throughout the week. Whether it’s the NBA, UFC, NFL or the English Premier League, the sports you want to watch should be playing live, so you can enjoy them at the bar. Make sure you call ahead to ensure your local bar is showing the game you want at the right time.

  • Great food

While you’re watching the game, you want to enjoy high-quality food options. The bar should be committed to providing you the ideal selection for your group. You’ll likely have a vegetarian or someone who is going gluten-free in your friend group and so make sure you review the bar’s menu closely to ensure it can accommodate all tastes and diets.

  • Quality drinks options

While the classic beers should be available for you to enjoy, you might also like to mix it up a bit when you’re watching the game with your friends over a quiet Sunday. Check out the full range of options for drinks at the sports bar and don’t be afraid to ask your bartender whether they can make a favored option. Most are happy to accommodate your requests.

  • Seating

Without ample seating, even the best sports bars can suffer from a poor atmosphere. Make sure there’s enough room for your entire group during the game. Ask the bar about seating arrangements and explain any other requirements you have in terms of accessibility or high chairs.

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