Steele and Hops – Your Santa Rosa Pub

Steele and Hops – Your Santa Rosa Pub

Whether you’re simply looking for a pit-stop on the way back from work or a pub where you can enjoy great food and quality beer at an affordable price, Steele and Hops is a great option. We’ve become one of the leading local Santa Rosa pubs because we know what our patrons want. We serve quality food and drinks using fresh, local ingredients in the type of environment that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Our beer selection

Steele and Hops isn’t like many other Santa Rosa pubs. We have an on-site brewery producing premium quality craft beer around-the-clock. We also offer a full range of world-class beers from across the globe for you to explore. We’ve also got your favorite domestic options available too. You’ll want to try them all. We’ll make sure the portion sizes are suitable.

Our bar options

Our bar options include your classic cocktails as well as signature options created in-house by our highly skilled team. From the classic gin and tonics to our custom creations, you’ll find our cocktails are consistently fresh and made to your exact requirements every time.

Our menu

We’re committed to the garden-to-table method of restaurant service and it’s our locally-made, hand-crafted meal options that have helped us become one of the most popular Santa Rosa pubs. We grow our own veggies and work with local producers such as SpringHill Cheeses and Petaluma Farms Poultry. It’s how we create fresh, quality meals while supporting the local environment and community businesses.

The beer’s cold, the atmosphere’s warm and the food is fresh and delicious. You’re in luck. We’ve got a table with your name on it. Visit us today to see what everyone’s been talking about.