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Steele & Hops Reveals the Science Behind Craft Beer Brewing

Steele & Hops Reveals the Science Behind Craft Beer Brewing

By In Steele & Hops Public Hous

With a growing interest in brewing at home, more and more beer enthusiasts are looking into making their own craft beer in Santa Rosa. The unique brewing scene in Santa Rosa caters to those looking for the traditional taste of craft beer, and to the adventurous beer drinkers who are willing to try new flavors. If you are interested in brewing, here are some craft beer brewing tips from Santa Rosa’s Steele & Hops to help you make the best homebrew beer ever.

Sanitize – This is one area where most home brewers face problems. Sanitation is important during all stages of beer brewing, from prepping your yeast to cooling the wort in the final stages. If there are any contaminating agents present at any stage during the brewing process, your final product might be sour or have weak flavors.

Use Fresh Ingredients – When it comes to brewing craft beer, you should not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. It is best to buy fresh ingredients and avoid the temptation of using leftover yeast from previous brewing sessions.

Invest in Quality Tools – A glass fermenter is any day better than a plastic fermenter and using a large brew kettle will always be useful in the long run. Similarly, using better quality implements will help you to avoid making mistakes because of low quality of your tools.

Use A Timer – A timer is the key component that can give you an edge when brewing your own craft beer. Keep a timer close to you when brewing beer and follow the time durations mentioned in your recipe as close as you can./span>

The Best Craft Beer Selection in Santa Rosa

At Steele & Hops Public House, we feature a wide-ranging selection of craft beers from breweries across the globe. We also pay special attention to beer that’s brewed locally for that special Santa Rosa flavor. If you are looking for a taste of craft beer in Santa Rosa, visit Steele & Hops Public House today. For more information on our food, drinks, and special events, get in touch with us today! Call (707) 523-2201 to know more.

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