Steele & Hops – Your Sports Bar in Santa Rosa

Steele & Hops – Your Sports Bar in Santa Rosa

What makes a great sports bar in Santa Rosa? Is it just a place that tracks all the action from all the games? Is it the way in which these games are showcased? Is it the food and drinks that makes the experience more memorable? Do the people watching the game alongside add to the experience? If you’re looking for a place that covers all this, with real food, real beer, and real people, stop by Steele & Hops today!

All The Action

What makes us a great place to watch games? How about a lot of big, flat screen TVs for a start? Our audio systems are state-of-the-art, which means you won’t miss a thing regardless of which part of our restaurant you choose to sit down. To sweeten the deal, we have happy hours from 3 to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, offering $2 off beers and wines, $3 off all appetizers and pizza, and $1 off well drinks. Finally, if you are really competitive, why not take part in our Trivia Night every Monday at 7:30 pm?

Food and Drinks

We take the ‘garden to table‘ mantra very seriously here. What that means is we House Smoke, House Pickle, Hand Cut, House Grind, Make from Scratch, and even homebrew right here in Santa Rosa. You get dressings, sauces, doughs, and soups made in-house, and the best pizzas made in our 750-degree brick oven. Our focus is on food and community, which is why we attract regulars who like the idea of a sports bar with heart. Our beer follows this rule too and celebrates the best of Santa Rosa’s brewing scene while honoring some international favorites.

The Best Sports Bar in Santa Rosa

Catch all the action from all the games you’re interested in at Steele & Hops Public House, a Santa Rosa restaurant, bar, and brewery. For more information on what makes us a great venue, contact us today.