The Garden

 The Garden

Delivering fresh, healthy ingredients has helped make Steele and Hops one of the best restaurants in the Santa Rosa area. Our ability to serve quality meals to patrons is achieved by growing our own produce fresh every day in our restaurant garden.

Our restaurant garden allows us to present:

  • A full vegetable selection

Our garden includes a full vegetable garden in which we grow tomatoes, basil, turnips, beets, chard, kale, edible flowers and mints.

  • A seasonal selection

We continually update our garden to serve the vegetables that are in season, ensuring a menu full of fresh, healthy ingredients ready to be plated.

  • Options for our menu

Our garden ensures we have all the fresh items you might require for your salads, soups and other made-fresh menu items. For example, many of the items now grown in our garden are used to create our delicious pizzas.

We continue to be recognized for the freshness of our ingredients and for our innovation in food production. When you book a table at Steele and Hops, we’ll ensure you receive only the finest quality options prepared according to your precise taste profile.

Looking for the “best restaurants near me”? Give our team at Steele and Hops a call today to book your upcoming event with us.