The Shelter

The Shelter

Are you looking for an affordable and exciting place to hang out after work or on weekends? You should head towards Steele & Hops Public House. One of the top-rated pubs in Santa Rosa, this is where you can relax and enjoy an evening with your friends and family. This is the perfect place to visit when you want to enjoy good food, cocktails, and an amazing craft beer at one of the most renowned Sonoma County breweries.

Step Inside Santa Rosa’s Best Restaurant

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or have a night out with friends, there is no better place than Steele & Hops Public House. It is one of the selective fascinating spaces where you can enjoy amazing pub offerings. You can enjoy beer, cocktails, snacks or a meal in the dining area, patio or in the beer garden. Also, the bar area is a fun place to hang out.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu with delicious items that are hand-cut and made with locally sourced ingredients. They prepare dishes that are house-smoked, house-ground, house-pickled and made from scratch. The doughs, soups, dredges, sauces, and dressings are all made in-house. This means that you are always served high-quality food that is handled with care from start to finish.

Steele & HopsPublic House restaurant focuses on serving customers in the garden-to-table method. Growing its own vegetables and working with local producers, the eatery makes sure that you are served high-quality food made with the freshest ingredients. Don’t forget to check out the menu with dishes that are created with seasonal produce and ingredients.

Enjoy Drinks, Food and Shelter at Steele & Hops

Steele & Hops Public House is more than a great brewery in Santa Rosa. It’s an excellent dining option as well. You can enjoy impressive craft beer brewed in-house and quality food at one of the top Sonoma County breweries, all without spending a fortune. The pub also offers signature and classic cocktails, and a selection of popular beers from across the globe. The next time you are looking for a place to enjoy delicious drinks and food, make sure you visit Steele & Hops Public House.