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What Makes Steele & Hops the Best Bar in Santa Rosa for Inking a Business Deal?

What Makes Steele & Hops the Best Bar in Santa Rosa for Inking a Business Deal?

By In Steele & Hops Public Hous

A business deal can be a major milestone in your professional life. Whether you own a small business or are at the helm of amulti-national corporation, a big business deal can open several opportunities for you. A business deal, apart from catapulting your business to new heights, can establish you as a go-getter leader; someone who is not afraid to chase dreams. When the time to ink the deal finally arrives, you must not leave anything to chance. The single most important thing you need to consider is the venue of the meeting.

Important events deserve a perfect setting. When choosing a location to ink a deal, put your thinking caps on. Remember you won’t be going on a dinner date or a casual night-out with friends. To impress your guest, look for a professional setting. The location must have a serene backdrop. Bars or restaurants that play loud music is a strict no. Remember people go to these places to enjoy, not to discuss business.

At Steele & Hops Public House, we have created the perfect setting for inking business deals. The shelter at Steele & Hops has a great ambience that sets the tone for conversations. When inking a business deal, the most important thing to do is set the right tone for a productive conversation. To help relax senses, we have an assortment of drinks. We have one of the best bars in Santa Rosa. Whether you love classics or are a fan of modern drinks, we have it all. We stock our bar with the choicest of beers, cocktails, and wines prepared from the best ingredients.

At Steele & Hops Public House, we firmly believe that good food is the beginning of great things. We use only farm fresh ingredients, sourced from local farmers. For us, from farm-to-table does not mean just sourcing vegetables from local farms. To ensure our patrons have the best dining experience, we have set up a garden where we grow mints, edible flowers, beets, turnips, and kale. We use these vegetables in our items.

Like you, we are driven by a desire to excel. Be it going above and beyond to create the best bar in Santa Rosa or taking the route less travelled to ensure only the best ingredients land in our items, we never shy away from hard work. For us, ensuring our patrons have a great (and not just good) time, is a personal promise more than a professional commitment. To book a table, call at 707-523-2201. Want us to call you to answer your questions? Fill out our contact form.

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